Javier Lupiáñez, violin and direction • Inés Salinas, violoncello • Patrícia Vintém, harpsichord

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We are a chamber music ensemble specialising in the recovery of the European instrumental repertoire of the early 18th century. Our work is driven by our inquiring minds and the constant need to grasp the essence of Historically Informed Performance practice. We seek to give life to completely unknown works and rediscover the forgotten musical language of the Baroque period. It is a language which breaks with the established music tradition, a language which gives a new lease of life to each musical act. An ever-changing speech – fresh, yet emerging from a deep understanding of the past and inviting the Audience to experience music in a new way. Rooted in the art of persuasion, rhetorical music the way we deliver it is there to teach, move and delight.

Les esprits animaux

Tomoe Badiarova, violín • Javier Lupiáñez, violin and artistic leader  • David Alonso, viola • Roberto Alonso, violoncello • Patrícia Vintém, harpsichord

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“Animal spirits” is a philosophical term used in the baroque period which defines a certain kind of “subtle stream” that runs through the bodies of human beings and is able to affect their soul and ignite their emotions. Coming from three different continents, and representing new generations of historically informed performers, the members of the baroque band Les Esprits Animaux want to have the same effect in their audience. Through an informed preparation of our programs and very dynamic concert presentations we intend to create a bond with the listener, to find ways to tell stories set to music several hundred  years ago to the society of the 21st century. Energy, vitality, virtuosity and imagination are some of the terms which critics have used to define the ensemble. Our goal is to move the emotions and affect the souls of human beings through a music that was composed not only to be heard, but to be lived.