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The annotations of Johann Georg Pisendel in the Dresden manuscripts: an open window to the improvisation in the first half of the 18th century. The 18th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music will be hosted by the Musicology and Cultural Heritage Department of Pavia University in Cremona, from Tuesday 10 July to Sunday 15 July, 2018.

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Some anonymous works that I have managed to name:

  • Corelli – Sonata Op. 5 No. 9 by Corelli transcribed for organ in the Ms. HC449c2/C28 (pp. 35-43). Foundling Museum, Gerald Cock Handel Collection
  • Colombi or Lonati movement inserted in a Bitti Sonata. Mus.2362-R-2. The 3rd movement of a sonata by Bitti TalB SV10 can be also found in Colombi’ sonata contained in Libro XIV.
  • Leclair – A movement of a Leclair Sonata (Op. 1, No. 7/3) inserted in the anonymous sonata Mus.2-R-8,33.
  • Maccarani – A movement form Trattenimenti musicali Op. 1 by Stefano Alli Maccarani inserted in an anonymous sonata from the Schrank II, Mus.2-R-8,19.
  • Pisendel – Three new violin sonatas.
  • Vivaldi – A new violin cadenza. See: Una nuova cadenza vivaldiana in un concerto per violino anonimo – A New Vivaldi Cadenza in an Anonymous Violin Concerto. Javier Lupiañez – FabrIzIo Ammetto. Studi Vivaldiani 17.
  • Vivaldi – Basso part of Vivaldi concerto RV 205 (second movement).inserted in an anonymous sonata Mus.2-R-8,50.
  • Vivaldi – Sonata for violin and continuo RV 205a.
  • Vivaldi – Triosonata for violin, violoncello and continuo RV 820.
  • Westhoff –  Imitatione delle Campane inserted as last movement in an anonymous sonata. Mus.1-R-70. See:  Kees Vlaardingerbroek – Michael Talbot, Vivaldi, Bariolage and a Borrowing from Johann Paul von Westhoff – Vivaldi, il bariolage e un imprestito da Johann Paul von Westhoff  in Studi Vivaldiani (18). See p. 97.


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